Sit back and take a mental tour of the Sumner, Orting, Puyallup and Kent Valleys. You will then agree that this next sentence is an indisputable truth.  Sumner has the most unique downtown in the area.

Much of that is due to our large mix of businesses. In the eight square blocks of our downtown core there are 10 eateries, 25 boutique and retail stores and over 40 business offering various services. There are two wedding and event venues.  

Almost all are locally owned and locally managed.  Most are SPDA members.

The term "Destination" has been overused in mercantile messaging, but it applies to downtown Sumner. It's a place where you want to go to shop, dine and have fun.

The Sumner Downtown Promotion Association is one of the driving forces that makes this happen. Scroll through the list of events on our web site,  Take a look at our members page to see who belongs to SDPA.

like what you see?  You can be a member of SDPA as a business, a nonprofit or as a community member, an individual who takes pride in Sumner,

As a business member you support and become involved in all the 18 SPDA events that draw people to Sumner. Think about how your business will benefit by being a part of those activities.

As a non-profit you have opportunities to partner and network with our business and community members.

As an individual, you  can join as a community member to support Sumner.  There are also opportunities to volunteer, to work alongside others to keep Sumner alive.

Membership Renewals

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