We are a new association of business owners who share common goals. Our association also includes community members who share our passion and pride in Sumner.

Retail store, business and restaurant owners are not strangers to hard work. We are capable and willing to work together to achieve our goals of stimulating ecomomic activity. Combining our efforts, we will enhance and nurture an inviting atmosphere for civic, social and economic activity.

We are breathing new life into events downtown. We have an exciting year planned with over twelve new, original and innovative events as well as the continuation of eight events that have been re-branded with new names, artwork and fresh ideas.

Our goals are to entice current customers to spend more time in Sumner, bring new customers to Sumner in record setting numbers and establish Sumner as a destination for exciting events.

Sumner Downtown Promotion Association


Suzanne Kipfer - President

Joanne Loudin - Vice President

LuAnn Iselin - Secretary

Louann Spencer - Treasurer